MetroKids Bible Study

May 31, 2020

This week we are showing our children how People can help others know how to live as believers in Jesus.

LESSONPaul Taught Peter 
(Galatians 2)
Paul wrote to the Galatians about going to Jerusalem with Barnabas and Titus. He went quietly to talk with the leaders, James, Peter and John. When they heard he was sent to preach the gospel to the Gentiles—those who were not Jews—they welcomed Paul and Barnabas. They all agreed Paul should go and preach to the Gentiles.
In Antioch, Paul heard that Peter (sometimes called Cephas) often spoke to the Gentiles and ate meals with them … at least for a while. But when other believing Jews came to Antioch, Peter stopped spending time with the Gentiles or eating with them. Others saw what Peter did and they, too, withdrew from the Gentiles. Even Barnabas changed what he was doing.
Paul knew this was not right! He was so disappointed with Peter, and he scolded Peter in front of everyone. “Sometimes you are comfortable with Gentiles, living like they do. And yet, other times you expect them to change who they are and follow Jewish rules.”
Paul reminded Peter that no one is saved except by faith in Jesus. Paul told Peter that he did not have to worry about following old ways of doing things. Following rules does not save people; faith in Jesus does! God offers new life in Christ to all believers.

Discussion questions:

  1. Who preached to the Jewish people? (Peter)
  2. Who preached to the Gentile people? (Paul)
  3. True or false: Peter stopped eating with the Gentiles because he was afraid of what other Jewish people would think. (True)
  4. How are some ways God uses people to help others know how to live as believers in Jesus? (Answers will vary)

ACTIVITY: Paul's letters
For several weeks now we have been teaching about Paul and many of his letters to churches and people. Take some time to draw specific attention to the letters of Paul in the Bible. Romans through Philemon are known as "Paul's letters". Show your children the image via the link below, and find these books with them in your/their Bible. If you know a Books of the Bible song, sing that portion together (one is linked if you wish to use it). Or, toss a ball back and forth and practice reciting Romans through Philemon, with each person saying the next book when they catch the ball.


Books of the Old Testament Song
Books of the New Testament Song